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What Is Integrated Care?

How Connecticut Multispecialty Group gives everyone on your team the resources for better care

Integration is the combination of parts so that they work together efficiently as a whole. At Connecticut Multispecialty Group (CMG), we practice integrated care: Your medical care is in a system where our doctors and nurses work together in a unique way, to understand you and your health care as a complete picture, not just as problem lists or words on a page. Integrated care means that all doctors interact closely about your care. Each doctor has a complete medical portrait: your medical problems, your medical plan, your special needs, medications and allergies.

Connecticut Multispecialty Group

We put together all of the parts of your care, so that all the doctors who take care of you—CMG physicians and others—can work together easily, efficiently and more completely. Through Electronic Medical Records, they have immediate access to your care profile. Think of our practice as a "flow of care", from one doctor to the next and from one point of health care to the next. Connecticut Multispecialty Group provides the resources to make that flow possible.

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